Is anyone else having problems efiling returns with TaxACT today (Feb 14th)?

I have submitted several federal+state returns within the past twelve hours.

Preparer info shows the correct number of "Total State Returns Received" with "Total State Returns Accepted = 0" (normal) but for federal ALL is zeros - ( Total Federal Returns Received = 0 / Total Federal Returns Accepted = 0 / Total Federal Returns Rejected = 0 )

When I contacted them, I got a boiler-plate cut/paste email response along the lines of "You may have entered wrong SSN/name/etc" (DUH!! ) or my favorite "You may have unknowingly selected to paper file the return instead of electronically filing"

Fearing a potential (but repetitive??) case of "operator error" had occurred, I resubmitted the same returns as "Federal only." And now those newer submissions are.....also lost in space.

My opinion of the TaxACT folks is not at a very high level right not. Am I alone with this problem??