Person A died in 1997. The will stipulated that the personal residence of Person A would be available (from the deed of distribution "the Personal Representative has granted, bargained, sold and released, and by these present does grant, bargain, sell and release to Person B for and during her natural life or until such time as she may marry") to Person B. Person B passed away in 2009 and the trustee for the remainderman (remainderman is disabled) sold the property. What is the cost basis to be used to report the sale of this property for the remainderman (the title of real estate actually refers to the seller [remainderman] as a (d)(4)(A) Trust which was set up for the disabled remainderman's care)? Would basis be the stepped up basis of the property at the time of death of Person A? Does the remainderman pay capital gains taxes on the gain of this property? Or does the trust pay? Thanks.